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Relive the moment James Wade made Grand Slam History


In 2008, James made Grand Slam History with the first nine-darter relive the moment …


Supporting Bipolar Awareness Day – 3/10/2017


“Most people know me as James Wade who throws darts for a living, but…”

In 2011 James was diagnosed with Bipolar, at the time, he was in his late twenties. James feels sure that had he been diagnosed when he was younger or got the help and support he needed, much of his life experiences would have been very different.

In the UK, it takes an average of ten and a half years to reach a correct diagnosis of bipolar and James’ experience will be familiar to many people.

Since being diagnosed, James has been actively involved in Bipolar UK and in 2015 became a patron of the charity. In the Summer of 2017, James became one of the faces of Bipolar UK’s ’I am’ campaign, giving further support and raising awareness of this important cause and one which is very close to his heart.

Today, (Tuesday 3rd October 2017) is Bipolar Awareness Day in the UK – to show your support, or for further information, please visit

Bipolar Awareness Day 2017